Attentian To Miss Dia

about me :

First of all, my name is AMIRUL HAKIM B MOHAMAD. But you can call me AKIM. i'm from PASIR GUDANG and now studying at UiTM JB. Nothing much about me.. i'm a simple person n really love to my hamster. Its name were Nani, Nomi, Nina and Nana.

problem in english :

Not much problem. Sometimes I could understand what their talking in English but I can't speak like they. So that i'm very low in english and I can feel I can't get "band 6" in Malaysian University English Test. Before this, when i'm studying at Malacca Matriculation College, we were trained to test like real MUET. So, i'm understand English language but can"t speak and write fluently.

expect from this class :

I'm expect i could learn english in right way and understand all of meaning with support from Miss Dia, Friends and dictionary.haha.