if I can be a superhero what super human abilities do I want to have?

Superhero means people who was getting special abilities purposed for saving people, environments, and helping people. If I can be superhero, what super human abilities do I want to have?
1-ability to invisible my body
I want this ability because I like to know deeper about anyone. So that perhaps with this ability I could know someone's biggest secret?
2-ability to do 'kame ha me ha'
'kame ha me ha' word from Dragon Ball Z anime. Son Goku, with his members do it to beat their enemies. Not means to destroy buildings and lands.
3-ability to run faster than 'the flash'
Adaptation from Cartoon Network, The Flash is one of character that have special super power.If I can run like him, maybe I might be win many gold medal. Asafa Powell, Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay maybe I had been beat them.


  1. aku superartul.

    'superakim' ka?
    hee :)

  2. ur my superher0 hakim !